Blu-ray Disc encryption cracked, hackers rejoice


Apparently all that effort they put into developing top notch DRM and a series of security precautions, well, it just wasn’t enough, especially when there is a worldwide hacking community out there hellbent on cracking their way through just about anything the record (and movie) industry throws at them. The most recent victim of a l33t haX0r is the Blu-ray Disc format heralded by Sony and crew. BackupBluray by muslix64 cracks right through Blu-ray Discs without any trouble at all.

The current version requires you to know the CPS unit key, but it won’t take long before figuring out how to bypass that too. I’m all for the ability to back the stuff you buy legitimately, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the pirating community is jumping for joy over the 1080p goodness they’ll be able to steal get. Remember, this seems to be same guy that cracked HD DVD.

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