Personal transport on rails: concept or reality?

image_22325_largeimagefile Personal transport on rails: concept or reality?A group in France is proposing a twist for all those unused light rail tracks in French cities. Transport networks for individuals riding on top-heavy “vehicles.” Surely you can see from the picture that this sort of thing would take no less than Cirque du Soleil performers to stay upright for more than a block or two. Actually, if you look at the original website, you’ll find that the concept calls for upright chairs that grip both sides of the rail. The benefit of using only one rail, of course, is that it allows two-way traffic on the same set of rails at the same time, something that trains certainly can’t achieve.

Page down further on that site and you’ll find unirail skateboards as well, so perhaps we’ll reserve judgment until this idea gets a little more serious. Still, as a design concept, it’s more than fun to contemplate.

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