How skinny is too skinny? Samsung announces Ultra Edition 5.9

You would think that when we first find out about a new Samsung phone, especially one that can make yet another claim as “world’s thinnest”, the source would be from Korea. Not this time around, as we turn to Kataweb, an Italian site, for Sammy’s latest announcement. The Samsung Ultra Edition 5.9, as its name implies, is as skinny as it gets at a mere 5.9 millimeters of thickness. That’s shaving a full millimeter off of its predecessor, the Ultra Edition 6.9.

This incredibly thin candybar, despite its lack of girth, is oozing with all the latest features. The integrated camera isn’t a blur-tastic VGA unit. Instead, it packs in a full 3.2 megapixels of high resolution goodness, being accompanied by a built-in media player, Bluetooth, and 80MB of interal memory. The tri-band GSM Ultra Edition 5.9 is expected to ship in March at a price yet to be determined.

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