Fox News launches live audio feed service for mobiles


Now you can take your Fox News with you wherever you go, even with the most basic of mobile phones. Just dial #FOXN on your mobile phone and you’ll get a live audio feed of whatever is playing on TV at that particular moment. If you’re a Cingular customer, you can get this service right now, for just US$2.99 a month (plus your normal airtime charges, of course). If you happen to take your cellular service from another provider, rest assured that Fox News will be yours for the listening soon.

The live audio service is part of an agreement between Fox News and Single Touch Interactive, which has video deals with Univision and BET but is venturing into live audio for the first time. Fox, of course, has its own Internet service for you smartphone users (live video on Sprint, no less), but this is the first live audio feed for non-smartphones.

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