The only credit card you’ll ever need


image_22500_largeimagefile The only credit card you'll ever needDo you have an incredibly fat wallet, bursting at the seams with all those credit cards? Don’t you wish that you could just carry one card instead of twenty? Sure, you could try to get your hands on a black AMEX and you’d never have to worry about maxing out your credit limit, but that piece of plastic (or metal, rather) is pretty exclusive. For the rest of us, we must turn to technology, and that’s where the iCache comes into the picture. It essentially takes every credit card in your wallet and shoves it into one compact package. Yes, because what we need these days is an even easier and more seamless way to accumulate debt.

Basically, you register all of your credit cards online, and the iCache replicates those pieces of plastic when you need it to. The iCache card appears to have a single magnetic strip which can be rewritten over using the small iPod-like device. The latter part of the picture comes with a biometric fingerprint reader to ensure that not just anyone can convert their iCache card into your Visa. Interesting idea, but I’m still pretty hesitant.

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