Mitsubishi FOMA cell phone has two screens like a Nintendo DS

The design cues are pretty obvious. When you take a look at this new cell phone from Mitsubishi — dubbed the D800iDS — it’s pretty clear that they borrowed a few elements from Nintendo’s dual-screened wonder. They even ripped off the model name. Scheduled to join NTT DoCoMo’s lineup in the coming days, the Mitsubishi cell phone has got two screens, one on top of the other, and just like the Nintendo DS, the top screen is just a display, whereas the bottom one is a touchscreen. Great for mobile gaming, wouldn’t you say?

But wait, isn’t that the same glossy white paintjob? And (almost) the same hinge in the middle? I understand cashing in on popular trends — there’s no shortage of iPod clones out there — but this is pretty blatant. No word on price, availability, or whether Shiggy and crew at Nintendo are gearing up to sue.

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