The i-BONE isn’t all that it seems


image_22581_largeimagefile The i-BONE isn't all that it seemsEither they’ve got their heads in the gutter, or the people at Hanics are completely oblivious to the connotations that their latest product name carries with it. May I present to you, the I-BONE Bluetooth bone conduction headphone. Yes, I understand how the name could have been derived, but due to the nature of things, I can also see how it can seem very dirty.

Whatever. Hanics says that these headphones are great “for those with hearing difficulties”, but they’re far from being the cheapest solution out, being priced at more than US$500. Look for the I-BONE to head out (no pun intended) into the world by the end of the month, with expected availability in USA, Japan, and the UK.

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