iPhony transforms Palm Treo into an Apple


You won’t be able to get your hands on an Apple iPhone for another five months or so (assuming it’ll still go by that name). In the meantime, you get an iPhone-like experience on your Palm OS device using the appropriately named iPhony launcher utility. Currently compatible with only 320 x 320 pixel screens, iPhony takes that slick iPhone interface that we’ve been drooling over all week and plunks it into your business-minded Treo. It doesn’t exactly give your PDA phone all that fun functionality — multitouch screen, widescreen movies, iTunes compatiblity, and so on — but you can trick some of your friends into thinking you’re the greatest hacker of all time.

You can assign the on-screen buttons to wahtever application you’d like, and then you can navigate through these icons using your standard five-way controller. Best of all, iPhony isn’t $499/$599. It’s free.

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