Walletex presents a truly credit card-sized USB drive

image_22672_largeimagefile Walletex presents a truly credit card-sized USB driveHaving a small thumb drive is fun and all, but no one likes having that unsightly bulge. Walletex wants you to stash all your most pertinent data on their slimmest of the slim USB memory card. It is literally credit card-sized in every sense of the word, not only in terms of footprint, but actual thickness as well (well, it’s a bit fuller in the waist than a MasterCard, but you get the idea).

These are the same people that presented us with the credit-card sized Wallet MP3 player, which is essentially the same thing but with a built-in music player. I suspect, then, that the rest of the specs will read pretty much the same way with a thin USB 2.0 connector, the ability to customize the look to your liking (including company branding to use as promotional material), and capacities ranging from 128MB to 2GB.

Michael Kwan

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