An upconverting iPod dock from Meridian


image_22713_largeimagefile An upconverting iPod dock from MeridianI’m not entirely positive if this is an industry first, but I personally have not heard of anything quite like this before. There are plenty of iPod speaker docks to choose from, but for the videophiles in the audience, Meridian has the MV-D1 dock that’ll upconvert your iPod videos to full 1080p HDTV. Presumably, this dock uses the same fundamental technology as those upconverting DVD players, taking an otherwise standard definition movie and giving you that high definition experience that only a nice big HDTV can provide.

They claim that this dock — which doesn’t have any speakers of its own, but it can output two-channel sound without a hitch — will give you some great images as it includes “noise and artifact reduction.” Electrical power comes by way of either USB or DC, whereas the power behind the upconverting process comes via Marvell’s Quiet Video Processing. Marvell? Yup, because this solution has got a dual personality. On some forms, it’s listed as the Meridian MV-D1, whereas on other sheets floating around CES, it’s dubbed the Marvell 88DE2710. Go figure.

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