iriver makes a Bluetooth watch DAP in a slightly different way


image_22748_largeimagefile iriver makes a Bluetooth watch DAP in a slightly different wayWant to wear your music rather than have it handle from your neck or hang out in your pocket? You’re going to wear a watch to keep yourself on time anyways, so why not get that wristband to jam out some wireless tunes too? Apparently, that was the line of thought over at the iriver camp when they decided to take their miniscule S10 MP3 player and mate it with a bracelet. What’s special about this bracelet, however, is that it has a built-in USB connector that plugs right into the bum of the S10.

Strangely, when you tuck the MP3 player fully into its spot with the wristband, the headphone jack is completely covered. Great, so all I get to do is look at the color display, imagining what the music sounds like? Not so, because you’ll notice a tiny Bluetooth logo below that color screen, indicating that you can probably get your A2DP action on.

No word on pricing or availability — I don’t think they even officially announced this refreshed effort yet — but we’ll keep you in the loop (no pun intended) if anything further rolls around.

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