Hands-on demo with the Apple iPhone (Video)


Not to be confused with the device from Cisco of the same name, the Apple iPhone has garnered more than its fair share of attention these past few days. Everyone is lusting after its multi-touch screen, gorgeous widescreen-ness, and — oh right — that whole locked to Cingular business. But how does it perform? Maybe this video will help you find out.

While the rest of the barrage of Apple fanboys crowding Macworld couldn’t really get their hands on an actual iPhone, restricted to viewing it in its hard plastic-encased cylinder, John Blackstone of CBS managed to score himself a hands-on session with Phil Schiller of Apple. The video below goes through many of the iPhone’s key functions, and as you’d expect, everything seems pretty intuitive. Yes, I want one. But I’m in Canada, so (as far as we know thus far) I can’t have one… yet.

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