Pantech IM-U170 flip phone is slim, metallic, recognizes faces

Everyone seems to love skinny phones these days with particular attention being paid to those that flip open. At the same time, it’s awesome when you can avoid the cheap plastic feel and enjoy some rich metallic goodness instead. Pantech is addressing all of this high fashion needs with their all-new IM-U170.

The major Korean phonemaker has certainly taken the minimalist approach with this new phone, keeping the package skinny and simple, yet loading it with some rather nifty features. For example, it comes with the first face-recognition mobile game in the industry. The on-board VGA camera tracks your face (which also comes in handy for video telephony). There is a second 2.0 megapixel camera for actual picture-taking.

Available now under the SKY brand in Korea, the IM-U170 comes wrapped in a magnesium casing, sports a metallic keypad with EL light, and focuses on a “dynamic and elegant GUI.”

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