So, how did the iPhone analysts do?


image_22856_largeimagefile So, how did the iPhone analysts do?We’ve been bombarded with months of speculation from so-called industry experts, including Kevin Rose of Looking back at his predictions, he was right to say that Apple would be offering 4GB and 8GB variations, but his pricing points ($249 and $449) are pretty far off. Moreover, the real iPhone does not have an “extremely small form factor” nor does it have a slide-out keyboard. He was right to say that Apple would launch with a singular (Cingular) GSM carrier initially, though.

Rebecca Runkle disagreed with Rose on several points, so let’s see how she did. The Morgan Stanley analyst also told us that the iPhone would come in 4GB and 8GB flavors, but she said that they would cost $599 and $649 respectively. A little off there. Moreover, she told us that the Apple iPhone wold be fuller in the waist than the nano and that it’ll have a 3.5-inch color display. Both of these points are correct of course. I have yet to see the “multi-colored aluminum shells like the Nano” though.

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