DirecTV delivers streaming Viiv DVR

DirecTV delivers streaming Viiv DVR


DirecTV and Intel have delivered on their one-year-ago promise, making it possible for Viiv-based PCs to stream content onto televisions via DirecTV Plus HD DVRs.

The skinny on this is that if you have one of those Viiv PCs that Intel is so proud of then you can steal a little of Apple’s thunder and send those movies, TV shows, music videos, or just plain songs and even photos straight to that 108-inch plasma set or whatever passes for a television in your home or office.

This all happens through that new DVR, a digital DMA-functional box that has been made specially for the occasion. The DVR itself can store up to 200 hours of standard content or 50 hours of hi-def MPEG4 video.

The companies are seeking participants for a public trial of the beta version of the box, with full versions expected later in the year. The product is the result of a partnership announced at CES 2006.

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