Sony Ericsson MBR100 picks up musicphone tunes via Bluetooth


image_22955_largeimagefile Sony Ericsson MBR100 picks up musicphone tunes via BluetoothFM transmitters are fun and all, but then you’ve got to deal with all that static and interference, and in the end, the sound quality can be pretty sub-par at best. Bluetooth can keep data a whole purer, and that’s exactly the standard that the Sony Ericsson MBR100 uses to broadcast your musicphone’s tunes to those around you.

Connected to this glossy, but otherwise nondescript-looking device is a RCA cable and an input cable that will make it easy for you to connect to just about any car (especially those with front-mounted auxiliary ports) or home stereo. You do all your playlist management and so forth on your cell phone, so that Walkman phone essentially becomes a remote control. Power comes by way of a rechargeable battery.

No word on price, but it should be out “soon.”

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