Skinny ASUS Skype phone boasts SideShow support


image_22959_largeimagefile Skinny ASUS Skype phone boasts SideShow supportWhat is this? Another SLVR wannabe? Well, not exactly, as this latest number from Asus — the AiGuru S2 — is really a Skype phone with Microsoft SideShow support. There’s no denying the aesthetic similarities, though. You will find a USB dongle included in the package to make the connection to your Vista PC that much easier.

A bit of a downer is that the Asus AiGuru S2 does not work as a standalone Skype device and needs to be tethered to a computer in order to work (that’s why they include the USB dongle). It is nice that it’ll do the SideShow thing though. Best of all, they plan on selling it for less than $99 (in pink or black).

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