Sandisk Sansa Connect: Zune isn’t the only WiFi DAP


image_22927_largeimagefile Sandisk Sansa Connect: Zune isn't the only WiFi DAPSandisk is keeping busy these days, but I guess that makes sense with some show in Vegas going on. They already snuck in the Express and View and today they’ve got something even better. The Sandisk Sansa Connect takes a page out of the Microsoft Zune‘s book and tosses WiFi into the MP3-playing fray. Unlike the Zune, however, the Sansa Connect can use its wirelessness to access and purchase music.

For the more wired end of things, you can connect your Connect via USB 2.0. Other key features include a 2.2-inch color display, internal speaker, photo player, and 4GB of internal memory. The Sandisk Sansa Connect, developed in partnership with Zing (the same people that worked with Sirius to create WiFi players), will be available in March with an asking price of $250.

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