Nokia N93i makes multimedia blogging easy

Nokia N93i makes multimedia blogging easy


image_23018_largeimagefile Nokia N93i makes multimedia blogging easyNokia has released a predecessor of the recently-announced N93. This one is the N93i, and it’s a bit snazzier than younger brother.

You get that same 3.2-megapixel camera and 3x optical zoom as well as the superfly MPEG4 shooting speed of 30fps. They kept the WLAN, browser, and email capabilities as well as 3G, EDGE, and triband GSM connectivity. TV viewing on that 2.4-inch color screen is even still possible. Heck, you can even use this portable smartphone to listen to FM radio.

The shoot-and-display features include digital stabilization, stereo audio recording, and a joystick for super-smooth video control. The emphasis is on instant publishing, and Nokia has included Vox, a personal video and photo blogging services that make it a cinch to capture professional-looking stills and moving pictures and share them effortlessly with family and friends.

You can expect to see the S60 3rd Edition-powered N93i for sale before summer, with a price tag of US$780.

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