Nissan Bevel improves on fashionable and utilitarian Cube

Some people enjoy smooth lines and low rides. Others may prefer big wheels and a foreboding presence. A growing trend, however, is for reasonably compact rides that boast incredible amounts of cargo (and people) space. We never had the chance to enjoy the Nissan Cube around these parts, but it is in Detroit that Japan’s second largest automaker has taken the cover off its successor, the Nissan Bevel.

It’s not a truck, an SUV, or a minivan. Instead, the Bevel (I’m not a fan of the name either) is very much like the car-based Scion xB with its panel van-like appearance. I’d imagine that the sight lines out the back aren’t exactly ideal, but take a peek at the interior: that’s where they hope to pique your interest. I like the color too.

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