Belkin transforms your iPod into a Bluetooth remote control

iPod speaker docks are fun and all, but it can be a pain having to get up off your rear end to change the song or adjust your playlist. Belkin is making it that much easier for us lazy folks to enjoy our music, essentially transforming everyone’s favorite music player into a wireless remote? How? Well, the Belkin Bluetooth Dock Adapter for iPod consists of two parts: one sits where your iPod normally would in its speaker dock, while the other connects to the bum of your iPod, giving it Bluetooth communication abilities. This way, “you’ll have full control of your music as it plays from your iPod wirelessly to your stereo.” It’s like streaming audio… sort of.

The range is reported to be in excess of thirty feet and there is no software needed to complete the package. You also don’t need to shove in any extra batteries as the two halves take their draw from whatever end they’re connected to. They didn’t say how much it’ll cost, but the Belkin Bluetooth Dock Adapter for iPod — compatible with the nano (both gens), mini, 4G, 4G Color, and 5G Video — will start shipping in March.

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