Toshiba SD-H903A lets you burn HD-DVD on your desktop

image_23201_largeimagefile Toshiba SD-H903A lets you burn HD-DVD on your desktopAnd so the battle between Blu Ray and HD DVD continues. In the corner supporting the HD-DVD format is Toshiba, the company that has just announced its latest desktop burner, the SD-H903A. As it is a “half height” optical drive, this burner is “ideally designed for single-bay desktop PCs.”

Naturally, it’s got love for “legacy” formats as well, so you can still plunk in those CD-Rs, DVD+Rs, and so on, but it’s the high-definition stuff that you’ll be drooling over. After all, with a dual-layer HD-DVD, you can stash a full 30GB of goodness. That’s equivalent to five standard DVD films, 7,500 MP3 songs, or 30,000 high-quality photographs.

To get a closer look, head on over to CES 2007 in Las Vegas next week. No word on price, but OEM sampling will commence this month with “volume shipments” starting next month.

Michael Kwan

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