Total HD discs compatible with both Blu-Ray and HD DVD


Time Warner has been on the fence in this Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD business for awhile now, and they’ve decided to stay that way. Actually, they’re planning a DVD that can play video in both format of machines. That should be good news for fans of HD DVD and Blu-Ray, especially those who still can’t tell the difference.

You can get a look at this Total HD disc at CES (of course).

The next-gen DVD format battle has been raging for more than a year, with movie studios and computer companies lining up on either side of the digital divide. New movie releases have appeared on one format or the either, with some brave companies releasing those titles on both formats, just in case. Disc player makers have tried to cash in on the specificity of either side, but the result has been poor sales lagging mainly because of consumer confusion. With technologies like Total HD, maybe it won’t matter so much anymore which format those hot new movies are in.

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