Taxi Hailer gets you a cab in a flash

Taxi Hailer gets you a cab in a flash


image_23284_largeimagefile Taxi Hailer gets you a cab in a flashFor those who want to successfully hail a taxicab but have horrible legs or just aren’t that good at whistling, there is the Taxi Hailer. It’s a handheld, credit card-sized device that flashes a bright light, making sure that cab drivers—and everyone else in a two-block radius—see it.

One of the designers is a cab driver, so it can’t be totally blinding. Further, the Taxi Hailer has been given the royal OK from the Licensed London Taxi Drivers. If all of that is true, then it must be OK to use anywhere cabs are driven.

Don’t forget to turn it off when you get in the cab, however. Your driver won’t want to see it in his or her rear view mirror.

Price on this handy little hailer is just 9.99 pounds (US$19.42).

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