Miata for sale on eBay as a BMW Z3

Miata for sale on eBay as a BMW Z3


image_23290_largeimagefile Miata for sale on eBay as a BMW Z3The Z3 is one of the least expensive vehicles in BMW’s lineup, but it can still be pretty pricey for the average Joe. Taking a slightly alternative route, a car enthusiast looked at a 1995 Mazda Miata, envisioned it as a blank canvass, and pumped it out the other end looking — pretty convincingly — as a BMW Z3.

He went though quite a bit of trouble to prepare the conversion, including the sourcing of original BMW parts for the authentic-looking front end. Those are official BMW lights, grilles, and badging. Of course, despite the Z3 fenders and everything, it’s still a Miata under the hood, but hey, you get that awesome Atlanta Blue paint! That’s one crazy Ziata (as the seller calls it).

Interested? Bid on it through his eBay auction.

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