Video: SSD-powered laptop powers up six seconds faster


In the area of storage, there are two main choices: the spintastic hard disk drive which offers greater capacity at a cheaper price, and the no-moving-parts flash memory option which is faster and never skips a beat. Now that they’re starting to shove SSD (solid state drives) into laptops, we had to find out exactly how much faster they made our portable computers run. Based on the the video below, the difference isn’t quite as dramatic as we would have hoped.

Two equivalently equipped Fujitsu laptops — which the exception of the storage medium housed within — are booted up simultaneously and the SSD-packing one got up and ready to go six seconds faster than the conventional HDD-based one. Speedier boot ups are great, but I would have liked to see them shave off even more time. The difference during actual operation (video editing, photo editing, and so on) is still unclear.

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