Smart 250 SWB Speciale pays tribute to legendary Ferrari vehicle


image_23433_largeimagefile Smart 250 SWB Speciale pays tribute to legendary Ferrari vehicleThis one of the strangest marriages I have seen in some time. The Smart ForTwo is about as compact a car as it gets, but this special version has been outfitted with a whole stable of Ferrari-themed goodies. Paying homage to the original Ferrari 250GT, particularly the short wheelbase version that went on to become a collector’s favorite, the Smart 250 SWB Speciale comes with a larger turbo, a Brabus exhaust, bigger injectors, upgraded wheels and tires, and — of course — Ferrari badging. It’s even got that red and silver paintjob to match.

Furthermore, inside you’ll find a whole lot of carbon fiber and aluminum trim surrounding the Italian leather seats. You’ll enjoy the satellite navigation, phone kit, and Sony CD stereo. And I guess that aero kit is a little different too. Average fuel economy is rated at 50mpg, despite doing the 0-60 in under eight seconds, topping out at 115mph.

Too bad this car seems to be completely one of a kind, “customized” by 250 SWB Ltd. of the UK. The buyer picked it up for “a little over ten thousand pounds.” That’s pretty cheap for a “Ferrari.”

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