DataMore V2 FPR external hard drive keeps a finger on things

Biometrics aren’t nearly as sexy as they used to be, but having some sort of security in place is always welcome when it comes to portable storage. Savit Micro of Korea is issuing its DataMore V2 FPR portable hard drive enclosure, complete with a biometric fingerprint reader so that no one but you can access your precious stash of digital porn.

Heat is effectively dissipated thanks to its aluminum construction, and data transfers at quite the decent pace, passing through at up to 480Mbps. It’ll swallow your choice of 2.5-inch hard drives, and there’s also an independent power switch “to prevent it from a sudden short when it is connected via USB cable.”

The DataMore V2 FPR retails for 75,000KRW (US$80), whereas the cheaper V2 eSATA goes for 63,000KRW (US$68).

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