Brando USB Phonebook makes cell data backups easy


image_23518_largeimagefile Brando USB Phonebook makes cell data backups easyGetting your cell phone stolen is bad enough as is, but let’s not forget about all those phone numbers have stored on there that you’ve neglected to record anywhere else. Or how about when you buy a new cell phone? It kind of sucks having to go through and enter all those digits all over again. Brando has simplified the process and they’re doing it for just twenty bucks. Plug in one end of their USB Phonebook into your celly, the other end into your computer, and with just one press of the button, everything is backed up. And it’s a two-way street when it comes time to re-upping those numbers. No mess, no worries.

Well, I guess there is one pretty major worry. If you happen to switch brands, or if your brand of choice changes their standard form of connection, you’re sort of out of luck as the USB Phonebook won’t hook up with your new mobile. Of course, if you’re rocking a smartphone of some kind, you probably could have done this and much more by synching with Outlook or something.

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