Prank your buddy with an anonymous text message

Free text messages are one thing, but it’s another thing altogether when you can send that SMS without the recipient knowing where or who it came from. That day has arrived with the launch of You can enter any alias you like — Santa Claus may be popular around this time of year — and launch anonymous words of kindness or strangeness to just about any cell phone (in North America, presumably).

The catch, however, is that the person getting the text on the other end will see that you’re cheating the system: “anontxt” is tacked on to the sender’s name, but you can still partake in some New Year’s hilarity when you tell your pal that you know what he did last summer. If you really want to be anonymous, you could probably just head on over to the appropriate service provider’s site to send your spoof-tastic SMS.

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  1. Bradley Volker says:


  2. abbybeans says:

    It was nice working with you

  3. selena gomez says:

    hello any one out there

  4. Shawn07821 says:

    Why didn’t you answer your phone yesterday? I was looking for you at open mike nite.

  5. TrumpetDude says:

    I want to tell you the first time i saw you i knew you were the one for me so i know its long over dew but i love you

  6. Mike says:

    Hey boo….I know that we are supposed to be keeping our friendship a secret, but i was sitting here thinnking about you. On this day for lovers i just wish that we could have spent this day together. My feelings for you are really growing so i dont know how much longer i will be able to accept that you have a husband. I know its late but i cant bsleep so until i hear from you, i will kep you in deep thought. Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

  7. ashley says:

    hey baby we should get back together

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