Credit cards that surf the web, clip your money, and take pictures

Don’t go rushing off to your nearest Washington Mutual anytime soon, but we were lucky enough to come across this fun list of five high-tech credit cards are so much more than just a piece of plastic. Most haven’t made it past the concept stage, but they point toward what is possible given the rapidly accelerating pace of technology innovation.

The AIO card by Chandanlong (pictured) for example is said to be a fully functional computer, complete with Bluetooth, GPS, Windows (Vista?), WiFi, and a touch-sensitive interface. You can also enjoy virtually limitless storage because everything is stashed on a server instead.

Other concepts include one that doubles as a video phone, one that is also a money clip, the SiPix card with an integrated flexible display for dynamic passcodes, and the folding AMEX Butterfly card.

Videos and such can be found through the Read link.

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