Panasonic Toughbook, now with more luminous touchscreen


image_23748_largeimagefile Panasonic Toughbook, now with more luminous touchscreenDon’t you hate it when you’re hunched over in your Tablet PC in the Mojave Desert, trying to enter that vital data, only you can see a bloody thing because the screen isn’t bright enough? Apparently Panasonic wants to solve that problem for you with their new ToughBook rugged Tablet PCs.

The all new 30 and 19 series are said to come with a “more luminous touch screen”, shoving up the brightness factor to a formidable 1000cd/m2. Naturally, as they are designed for the worst that Mother Nature can dish out, these Panasonic Toughbooks are shock, water, and dust resistant. They’re pretty powerful too with their Core 2 Duo processors and all. The rest of the specs can be customized to your tastes.

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