Yoto V200 MP4 player: Heavy metal, not hard rock


image_23887_largeimagefile Yoto V200 MP4 player: Heavy metal, not hard rockDon’t let that big ol’ picture deceive you. The Yoto V200 is a fairly miniscule media player that will happily bust out those videos on its 2.4-inch QVGA display. In fact, the image provided is larger than actual size (depending on your monitor resolution, of course).

Destined for the Chinese market, the V200 comes in a sleek metal housing, boasting chubby buttons on the side for menu navigation, volume control, and all that other stuff that you need to enjoy music and movies on the go. There’s 1GB of memory on-board, but if you’re looking to expand, they’ve include a miniSD expansion slot as well. Video support comes by way of DivX and H.264, and if you get really bored, the Yoto V200 will also do e-books, photos, and games.

Asking price is 399RMB (US$51).

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