Video: Hands-on with Samsung SPH-P9000, folding keyboard and all

Designed to be as compact as a UMPC yet have the ease of text entry of a standard-sized laptop, the Samsung SPH-P9000 truly is a sight to behold. The lucky ducks over at SlashGear managed to get a test unit to fiddle around with, and they are proud to provide us with a hands-on video.

The SPH-P9000 — also known as the Butterfly — comes with a slightly-bigger-than-a-PDA five-inch TFT display, a more than adequate 1.0GHz processor, Windows, 256MB RAM, and 1.3 megapixel camera. And let’s not forget about those fantastic connectivity options: high-speed EVDO and WiMAX.

But enough chit-chat, here’s the vid:

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