Trailer: Dual-hinged Sony Ericsson W44S with BRAVIA technology


image_23926_largeimagefile Trailer: Dual-hinged Sony Ericsson W44S with BRAVIA technologyAs increasing numbers of people are enjoying multimedia content on their cell phones these days, Sony Ericsson is capitalizing on this growing market with a spiffy little number. The Sony Ericsson W44S is a dual-hinged wonder that is clearly designed with mobile video in mind, complete with 1Seg TV tuner. They just released the first trailer, and you can check out right here.

As you recall, the Sony Ericsson W44S rocks a brilliant QVGA display with BRAVIA technology (yup, the same stuff as Sony’s high-end TVs). The spec sheet also includes a 3.2 megapixel camera, 115MB of internal memory, video recording, and more.

Just watch the trailer and see how excited those guys are to squint their eyes and watch TV on this sucker.

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