Using a 3G phone to control your PC


image_23941_largeimagefile Using a 3G phone to control your PCMan, it can be such a pain having to get up from one end of the room to the other to control your computer. If you happen to be an NTT DoCoMo subscriber, you can now use your 3G cell phone to control your PC from afar, thanks to the appropriately named Mobile2PC application. Designed specifically for NTT DoCoMo, this software package connects your phone to your PC in a remote kind of way, allowing you to navigate through your Start Menu, open up Windows Media Player, and so on.

Anyone that has a PocketPC phone has probably already experienced the remote desktop (via AirH), but now it doesn’t take a Windows-rocking handset to do it. And yes, you can turn it on its side and use it in landscape orientation if so prefer.

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