Sharper Image integrates USB charger into desk lamp


image_23942_largeimagefile Sharper Image integrates USB charger into desk lampWhen you think of kitchy electronic gift ideas, there really is no one better than The Sharper Image. They’ve got some of the craziest gadgets oozing out of their stores, but today we actually have something that might be useful. Poking its way through the FCC obstacle course is the “Bright as Day” Power-Port Desk Lamp from The Sharper Image. What sets this otherwise nondescript light apart is that it has a USB port in the front, letting you charge whatever USB-powered device you have (iPod anyone?).

This port would be particularly useful for owners of USBCELL rechargeable batteries, for example. The SI561 (as this lamp is also known) uses a 27-watt bulb and uh, yeah, I guess that’s as far as the tech specs go. They do note in the user manual that “not all products that have a USB cable can be charged by a USB port.”

Now that’s it’s received that all important stamp of approval, the “Bright as Day” Power-Port Desk Lamp should be popping up at your local Sharper Image store soon, though maybe not in time for that last minute Christmas present.

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