iPod nano gets blinged out, Swarovski style


image_23984_largeimagefile iPod nano gets blinged out, Swarovski styleFirst, the nano came in glossy white and glossy black. Then they issued the second generation, bringing back the colorful aluminium casing made popular by the iPod Mini of yore. Sure, you can choose to get an iPod nano in blue, green, or pink, but if you really want your fashionista self to come shining through, you’re going to want to get your Apple music player encrusted by Swarovski.

The crystal company is known for some of the blingiest of the bling, and now you can take that sparkly goodness to your portable media player too. The price may be a little off-putting for the average consumer, though, as the 2GB Swarovski iPod nano sells for a dollar shy of a $1000. While you’re in the upper echelons of pricing, you might as well pony up the extra fifty bucks and double the storage to 4 gigs.

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