Apple love Google long time


If everything pans out the way that I think it’s going to, we’re going to have some huge love triangle on our hands. We’ve heard about the relationship between Google and Orange and the prospects of an HTC-made Googlephone, and how Apple has teamed up with Orange to provide DSL subscribers with MacBooks. Well, to complete the triangle, it seems that Apple is in talks with Google to produce the ultimate content-oriented cell phone (which we can’t really call the iPhone anymore). Google, Apple, and Orange… together at last?

Based on a discussion with Google CEO Eric Schmidt, there’s a distinct possibility that the search engine giant wants to team up with the iPod maker to create a glossy white mobile musicphone, complete with iTunes support, “Mac OSX lite, a few Google apps pre-loaded, YouTube integration [now that Google owns that too], and Google as the default homepage.” Schmidt is saying that this would be the “ultimate content phone.” Who knows, maybe Orange’ll pick it up.

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