Samsung SCH-W531: CDMA and GSM in one tight FCC-approved package

Don’t let its inconspicuous appearance fool you, the Samsung SCH-W531 packs more of a wallop than you think. For starters, it is said to boast both CDMA and GSM radios. What’s more, it just got approved by the FCC. Can you imagine having a phone that is perfectly capable of latching onto Verizon’s and Cingular’s networks at the same time? With this phone, maybe you can.

In addition to its dual-mode goodness, the SCH-W531 also has a camera of some unspecified resolution, including video capabilities. Other tidbits include Bluetooth, the ability to function as a USB drive, MS Office reader, PDF reader, HTML browser, and the standard suite of applications.

No word on pricing or availability.

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