The simplest of simple: A cell phone with just four buttons

In case you haven’t caught onto the wave yet, minimalism is the new “in” thing, whether it comes to websites, music players, or interior design. For a cell phone that does absolutely nothing more than make and receive calls, there is this sharp and simple offering. Each button is associated with three digits, so you’re probably wondering how it can differentiate between a “1″, a “2″ and a “3″.

Well, you can nudge the nub to the left and right, as well as pressing it straight in. Thus, three digits, one button. Funkadelic. It’s even simpler than the Willcom R9, because this phone doesn’t have a camera, web access, text messaging, or any of those other modern conveniences.

It seems to be just a concept right now, but take a gander at that swing-out display! Forget Motorola, this is the real (straight) razor.

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  1. Chet Adams says:

    Is there a model number, manufacturer, or name that goes with this phone? Are they available in the U.S.?

  2. dave says:

    Looks great. Where do I find one?

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