Eos iPod 5.1 speaker system cuts the wires (and the mustard)


image_24258_largeimagefile Eos iPod 5.1 speaker system cuts the wires (and the mustard)When I hear the name “Eos”, I immediately think of Volkswagen’s convertible, but in the realm of music players, I should start associating it with this juicy number. The Eos wireless speaker system is designed specifically for the Apple iPod and comes four wireless sound producers, in addition to the stereo speaker drivers and subwoofer found housed within the central base station. With SRS WOW technology, the sound quality is said to be fantastically “clear” and “high quality.”

The base station plugs into the wall for power, but I’m not really sure how those other four speakers get their juice. In any case, the Eos Wireless iPod Speaker System will run you $300 for the whole shi-bang, including the iPod dock, when it hits shelves in March 2007. Additional accessories — for $129 — include additional speaker remotes, a wireless weatherproof amp, and a standalone transmitter/receiver unit.

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