LG gets honored for T-DMB PDA device


image_24339_largeimagefile LG gets honored for T-DMB PDA deviceWhile it may not be nearly as sexy as their Chocolate Phone, the LG PM-80 certainly packs more of a functionality wallop. Maybe that’s why it is a VIP (Very Important Product) honoree at VIP ASIA 2006.

As part of the “Mobile Category”, the PM-80 boasts a whole whack of features include a large 3.5-inch QVGA touchscreen display, T-DMB reception for all those Korean dramas (2.5 hours on a full charge), and full PDA functionality to keep you on time and well connected with the office. Powered by MS Pocket PC 2003, the LG PM-80 also sports an SD expansion slot, Windows Media Player, and a bunch of other goodies in a not so flashy package.

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