Hollywood Pro X8 laptop about as high-powered as it gets


image_24419_largeimagefile Hollywood Pro X8 laptop about as high-powered as it getsThe company may go by a single letter, but L International Computers has just developed one of the most powerful professional mobile computing solutions out there, it’s dubbed the limited edition Hollywood Pro X8 laptop. And the spec sheet reads like a computer geek’s wet dream.

This thing really delivers. It’s rocking an incredible configuration that includes Dual Intel Xeon 5300 Series processors (that’s dual quad-core, for those of you keeping score at home), NVIDIA Quadro FX Video graphics, and a “fully modular design.” The display is a 17-inch 1920 x 1200 UltraSpeed LCD, and you’ll enjoy a huge 8MB L2 cache to be shared between each of its four cores.

For a full list of specs and features (much of which goes right over my head, like “Macro Fusion”), check out the Read link below. Be forewarned: get a drool rag ready.

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