Video: The tale of the Zune and the endless cookie


Maybe that “Welcome to the Social” campaign didn’t really work out. Microsoft has just issued a new commercial for its Zune portable media player, again emphasizing its sharing capabilities, but this time using some creepy animation and an endless cookie. I found that the style of the cartoon was a little too “dark” for what should be a rather upbeat message. Instead of seeing a cookie that can be split in half again and again, I couldn’t help but think of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride or The Nightmare Before Christmas.

It’s a tad gloomy, but the symbolism is definitely there. A creepy little girl goes around sharing her cookie with everyone on the street, putting smiles on their faces as they go on to share the same cookie with more people. Wait, sharing something that can be infinitely duplicated… so, Microsoft DRM’d songs are like STDs, no?

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