TRW develops advanced asymmetrical airbag technology

image_24536_largeimagefile TRW develops advanced asymmetrical airbag technologyWhether you like it or not, the roads are getting pretty darn dangerous these days, especially during the winter months when the streets are icier and slicker than ever. Designed with driver safety in mind, the next-generation asymmetrical airbag technology from TRW doesn’t spin with the steering wheel. The non-rotating driver airbag module comes with an airbag cushion “specifically designed to fit the shape of individual vehicle interiors.”

By not rotating with the steering wheel, the driver airbag module can maintain the shape best suited for the car it is installed in. Moreover, the “non-rotating driver airbag module can accommodate the use of multifunction switches that remain in the same location, even when the steering wheel is being turned.”

They won’t say who has purchased this module from them, but TRW does indicate that it has “been launched with a major European vehicle manufacturer.”

Michael Kwan

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