Palm Treo 680 heads North to Rogers

Palm Treo 680 heads North to Rogers


image_24605_largeimagefile Palm Treo 680 heads North to RogersWhen they first announced this, everyone said that it was going to be an entry-level version that anyone could afford. The Treo 680 is alive and kicking on Cingular’s shelves and now it’s heading north of the 49th parallel, finding itself in the lineup of Rogers Wireless. The specs remain much the same as its Cingular-branded counterpart, but the price, oh boy, the price….

Despite originally being marketed as a budget smartphone, the Treo 680 will set Canadians back a fairly hefty $300. And that’s with a three-year contract. I’d hate to see what buying one outright from Rogers would look like. What’s more, you don’t even to get pick from those jazzy colors either, as Rogers is only picking up the Treo 680 wrapped in Graphite.