iPod speaker dock that can fit in a Pringles can


image_24580_largeimagefile iPod speaker dock that can fit in a Pringles canLet the good times roll! Brightonnet Japan has developed a cylindrical active speaker dock for the Apple iPod that looks like little more than a simple aluminum pipe (painted in some jazzy colors, though). Inside, you’ll find a rather anemic 2.2-watt amp and a couple of speakers, but this has got to be one of the more portable speaker solutions out there at just six ounces. It’s only 7-inches long too (get your mind out of the gutter).

As far as power, you can either hook it up to a USB port or shove four AAA batteries inside. They won’t blow you away at a concert hall, but it’ll certainly be loud enough for your cubicle. The best part? This cylindrical speaker dock from Brightonnet will only put you back $26. Look for them on December 11.

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