HTC Vox: the smartphone with QWERTY and a numpad


image_24538_largeimagefile HTC Vox: the smartphone with QWERTY and a numpadGetting a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard can be a Godsend, especially if you do a lot of mobile email, but what about voice calls? To get the feel of a regular candybar during voice calls, but a landscape-oriented QWERTYphone during text entry, there is the all new Vox PocketPC phone from our friends at HTC.

High Tech Computer hasn’t confirmed its existence yet, per se, but it certainly is an interesting proposition. Use it like a regular phone when you want to, a QWERTY device when that tickles your fancy, or make use of the touchscreen display for a more intuitive approach.

The rest of specs — WiFi, EDGE, Bluetooth, and so on — haven’t been announced either, but the internet gurus are expecting an “early 2007” launch.

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