e-dictionary gets touchscreen and WiFi


image_24571_largeimagefile e-dictionary gets touchscreen and WiFiElectronic dictionaries are much bigger business in Japan and Korea than they are here, and just as most of their gadgetry comes with additional functions, so must their portable translators. Hannuri Biz of Korea has just unveiled the Nurian Z1, an electronic dictionary that does more than you think. The 5-inch full color display is a touchscreen, but even more notably, they’ve integrated a WiFi module to allow “streaming audio/video education contents from the internet in real time.”

In many ways, you can almost consider this device to be in the same market as a UMPC. You see, it’s got a full QWERTY keyboard (which most UMPCs even don’t have), a touchscreen display, and it runs on Windows CE 5.0 Professional. Sure, you could use it for educational purposes, but imagine having a portable YouTube watcher in the palm of your hand! No word on pricing, but the Nurian Z1 is expected to hit Korea in February.

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